Orange County Cello Lessons News

We thank our amazing and dedicated teachers: Lydia Favorito, Mikhail Korzhev and Feliks Volozhanin

Congratulations to all participants of Southwestern Youth Music Festival 2017 Competition at Cal State Long Beach!! We're very proud of your hard work and dedication!!

SYMF 2017 winners: Russian School of Music Irvine, CA


Ashton Baek

Sarah Chang

Sansa Dhar

Erik Hwang

Erica Hwang

Luciana Lamadrid

Sofia Sun

Michael Wong



Congratulations to our winners:


Sarah Chang (Cello) - I place

Sofia Sun (Cello) - II place

Liciana Lamadrid (Cello) - III place

Ashton Baek (Violin) - IV place

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