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Michael Wu, the second prize winner of Southwestern Youth Music Festival

Feliks Volozhanin is a Director of String Program at Russian School of Music Irvine, performing cello player and  cello teacher in Irvine, Orange County. He loves and truly enjoys teaching having over twenty years of teaching experience both in Russia and in the US.

Feliks' students have the highest succsess rate of auditioning to Irvine Honor Orchestra: 1/3rd of 2017 Irvine Elementary Honor Orchestra cello section are his students. His teaching philosophy is to nurture and forster students' creativity, passion, and love for music sharing what he learned from a great Russian cello school: superb technique and expressive musical interpretation. Feliks' students successfully compete at various competitions and are members of different orchestras including Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra, All Southern California Elementary Honor and Irvine Honor Orchestras, and Orange County Youth Symphony. To contact Mr. Volozhanin regarding  cello lessons click here

Having been studying cello just for one and a half year, 10 year old Katie L. practices Prelude in G Major by J. S. Bach        Cello lessons in Orange County - Cello lessons in Los Angeles - cello instructor

Payment and Cancellation Policy

1. Tuition is paid for on a monthly basis and is due at the first lesson of the month.
2. 30 days notice is required when discontinuing
3. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance in order to receive make-up lessons. Make-up lessons for the lessons canceled with 48-hour advance notice must be scheduled within a month.

Congratulations to our 2017 Southwestern Youth Music Festival Competition winners: Sarah Chang (I place), Sofia Sun (II place), Luciana Lamadrid (III place). We are proud of your hard work and dedication! 

      Students' Reviews

"I am very glad we found Feliks! My daughter has improved exponentially in 3 months time than with her previous teacher of more than an year! She made unbelievable progress and I attribute this to Feliks' persistent attention to finest details. He made sure mistakes were corrected right away and he was wonderful in making sure she understood her techniques were correct! I highly recommend Feliks! I can't wait to see how much better my daughter will become in another 3 months!"
Teri C.

"I would highly recommend Feliks as a cello teacher. After having taught my son for nearly a year, I have noticed marked improvement and accelerated progress in my son’s playing ability. Feliks is exceedingly patient and encourages him to make his best effort. He emphasizes the importance of always using proper technique and producing beautiful sounding music. He has boosted my son’s self-confidence and has helped him achieve musical goals such as making symphonic orchestra as a sixth grader. Most importantly, Feliks has imparted in him an enthusiasm and enjoyment for practicing and learning classical music."
Georgia Sun

"Mr. Volozhanin is a great cello teacher for my 9 years old. His fun, inspiring and passion on cello, along with his professional training in Russian music school has opened the door to not only cello, but the world of classical music, positive self-discipline, and creativity for my daughter. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Yvonne Guo

"Feliks has been teaching my son now for 6 months and "wow" what a difference. My son is now included in the orchestra section that performs at the theatre plays. ( only expeienced and well taught students get this opportunity. Feliks has not only given my son the proper instruction on how to play a cello, but he had to re teach him some previously taught (incorrectly taught) finger positions . That was not a easy task because my son has autism. Feliks is a professional and patient and I do recommned him highly. Check him out on u tube , amazing!!!"
Paula P.

"I have been taking lessons from Feliks for 6 months now and he is an excellent teacher and motivator. His cello skills reflect his passion for the music and he really makes me want to do my best. I would recommend him for a teacher for anyone."
Marcus Kusicki

"Mr. Vologanin is a very experienced, knowledgable and passionate cello instructor. He is a bit strict on technique, but the results are worth it. Though he is young, he clearly has been classical trained in Russian techinque. And finally, he is kind and patient. He understands that cello can be difficult, and he encourages his students to keep trying and practicing. I highly reccomend him as a cello instructor."
Jamie Walters 

"My son has been taking cello lessons with Feliks for about 8 months now. In that time both his technique and attitude have improved. Feliks is patient but at the same time expects high quality work. My son and I are both extremely happy with Feliks and would not hesitate to recommend him to others. " 
Valeria Heersh


Great News! Jihun Hwang won the second place, Lianna Yang and Sofia Sun won third and forth places at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival 2016 in a category for children under 11 years old. Sophia Sun and Lianna Yang successfully auditioned to All Southern California Elementary Honor Orchestra!!!
Sarah Chang and Michael Wu won second prizes in categories under 12 and 13 years old at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival!!
Congratulations to Michael Wu selected for Santiago Strings, Spiro Sun and Sarah Chang selected for Irvine Honor Orchestra, Patrick Tran selected for Garden Grove Honor Orchestra, Christian Huang selected for Manhattan Beach Honor Orchestra, Michael Wu with the 4th place at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival and William Hirsh and Katie Liu selected for San Juan Capistrano and Irvine Honor Orchestras!